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About CTT Fusions

We help our clients manage, develop and promote their business or organisation with the minimal waste of time and effort while still achieving their aims and goals.


 A mix of Creativity, Information Technology, and effective training is central to our services.


 Our clients include businesses in the retail sector, architects, authors, photographers, community centres and charities. The team has also helped individuals involved in sport, medicine,  education and engineering.



Using creative thinking techniques, including Mind Mapping, we help clients to find and develop smarter ways of working. Smarter working can include using technology to help streamline existing processes and procedure. 


Continuing developments in information technology can contribute to the smooth running of your business. We can help you use the devices, apps and cloud services best suited to you and your business. .


Training is the first step in developing new skills and behaviours. Our ‘Don’t Forget the Training’ service provides that training plus the support to help you use and develop your new skills, behaviours and knowledge. 

Meet the Team

Campbell Black

Campbell has over 30 years  in helping people use technology efficiently and effectively. He was one of the first people in the UK to be certified as an iMindMap Master Trainer.

Mark Symington

Mark has over 10 years experience of building and repairing PCs.. He has experience working in the retail and catering trade.

Some of Our Clients

Hill Lord & Co
Carrickvale Community Centre
Alan Scott Photography
Scottish Film Locations


“Campbell and Mark help us use technology efficiently and efficiently in the shop. They developed a database system for our customer orders and manage our online presence. A great team.”

Brain Traynor,
Hill Lord & Co.


“Campbell and Mark are a very efficient team. Not only did they build my personal web-site to promote my books and lectures but they regularly assist with the preparation of my external presentations and provide immediate assistance whenever my PC develops a fault. Thoroughly recommended.”

Ian Garden,
Author and Lecturer

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